Eve's Beads

My favourite resource is Glass Beads from Early Anglo-Saxon Graves by Birte Brugmann. I can't say enough good things about this book. I will admit though, in my impatience to just start creating, I skipped the text and went straight for the pictures and I still haven't made it back to reading it yet. I like this book because the images included are actual photographs of the beads.

Another great resource is Trade Beads and Bead Trade in Scandinavia ca. 800-1000 A.D. by Johan Callmer. As far as I know, this one is out of print, but you may get lucky and find it somewhere or you can Inter-Library-Loan it. All plates are unfortunately drawings of the beads (not photos), but the sheer number of beads included makes it an invaluable resource.


My most recent set of festoons. Brooches by Fettered Cock Pewters, coins by Master Max, can't remember where I got the animal headed cross.


Largesse for Gemma and Steinn

Finger rings. Guessing on the date I completed these. Based on Roman finds.


Largesse for Wernar


My first festoons
The brooches and Thor's Hammer are from Fettered Cock Pewters.
Jolly Procrastinator's beads

Gifts for the royals

Ealdormere Heraldic beads

Fake amber and jet necklace, 69 beads in the set.

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