Woodworking Projects

Camp shelf for reducing clutter in the pavilion. Not meant to accommodate very heavy or fragile items as it isn't the most stable thing in the world. I'm hoping it will be good for our dish rack, belt pouches, flashlights, site books and other miscellaneous stuff that always seems to be all over the tent.
Make your own using the plans here: (click to view the pdf)

Baby cart version 2.0, the wagon. Rolls beautifully, turns well, makes a great bench when one side is removed. Tyres don't stay on the smaller radius wheels as well. It's a LOT of lumber to pack and takes up more space than version 1.0. It breaks down into more pieces, so it takes longer to assemble and disassemble, it is easier to slide into gaps and spaces though. One day we will cut it down to only 3 side slats so there is less to transport. The horizontal sides do work as a sort of ladder, so be aware of that if you have adventurous little ones.

Baby cart version 1.0. We liked that it flattened out into a bench we could all sit on. And it worked well for enclosing the child. We didn't like that the action of lifting the feet to roll might wake her when sleeping and that it made it challending for her to remain seated. Also, it was really heavy on the hills at Pennsic. The size of the wheels meant the tyres stayed attached better than in version 2.0. Overall, version 2.0 was a better design and this one has been sold to a new home.

I used the pattern on this page for the wood pieces. I haven't yet made a proper fabric bit, that's just an old curtain.

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